Friday, June 1, 2018

A Reminder to the world about Tariffs

The USA purchases about 25% of all produced goods on the planet. We have almost all of the raw material and knowledge to produce everything we need locally, we do not need to purchase the rubber dog shit (from Top Gun) from China. By lower taxes and allowing full write-off of business costsin the year is occurred, makes new company start up easy. The message to the world is do what we say, build you plants here, or we won't buy anything from you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Problems with Vaccines

(Natural News) Do not talk about whether vaccines work or not, or whether or not they cause autism, unless you’re ready for a very heated debate. Although the link between vaccines and autism is nothing new, to even speak of it can get you labeled as an “anti-vaxxer” or a health fanatic of sorts by the sheeple (brainwashed masses) that believe every vaccine the CDC recommends not only works, but is 100% safe and 100% effective 100% of the time. Even if some vaccines work some of the time, are they worth the health risk? That is the ultimate question, because one statistic you may not know is that children who receive mercury-containing vaccinations (listed as thimerosal usually) are 27 times more likely to develop autism than those who don’t get those jabs. That comes from a recent study based on the CDC’s own data. Still want to keep it a hush-hush topic?
Pediatricians in America are not allowed to question vaccines at all, nor are they allowed to recommend less than the CDC recommends, or they face the wrath of the AMA – the infamous American Medical Association – that finds a way to shut down the “contenders,” sometimes even taking away their license to practice medicine. Big question: would the statistics of autism suddenly bottom out if mercury was removed from all vaccines, including flu shots? (By the way, the CDC lied when they said mercury has been removed from all vaccines).

Nary is a case of autism in the Amish communities of America

For starters, children are not born with autism. It appears during infancy or childhood, and is brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above. In fact, the recent autism spectrum disorder (ASD) spike over the past two decades in the USA directly coincides with the vaccine schedule increase, by quantity and frequency, enforced by the CDC. To understand why autism is next to non-existent for the Amish, consider that the Amish have been “cut off” from American scientific and medical “progress” for centuries, thus they’ve had less exposure to the major factors that trigger autism, including the most likely proponent–vaccines.
Get more news like this without being censored: Get the Natural News app for your mobile devices. Enjoy uncensored news, lab test results, videos, podcasts and more. Bypass all the unfair censorship by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Get your daily news and videos directly from the source! Download here.Take a little trip to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and try to tag yourself even half a dozen Amish children with autism and you’ll come up short. If statistics matched our national average, there would be about 200 in the Amish community, but to date, there are only three, one of which was adopted and brought over from China. Go figure. Another one actually did get vaccinated and developed autism shortly afterwards. Go figure again.
Here are some universal and national statistics to consider. Autism affects over 20 million people around the world, and occurs in boys four to five times more often than girls. In the US, one in every 68 children has some form of ASD, a 30% increase from just 2012. Why is that, you’re asking yourself? United States kids get 50 inoculations before age seven, many that are combinations containing multiple disease strains, mercury, formaldehyde (yes, embalming fluid for the dead), monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aluminum, just to name a few neurotoxins. Flu shots contain the highest levels of mercury, up to 25,000 times what the EPA allows as a maximum in drinking water and edible fish. Mercury is the second most poisonous element know to mankind.

Due to religious beliefs, the Amish opt out of all vaccines

Fortunately for the Amish, they’re also opting out of three of the most controversial vaccines on the market today: hepatitis B, HPV (human papillomavirus) and of course, the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella combo) that was implicated in the CDC vaccine-autism-link and biggest medical cover-up in history, ever. Conflicting with CDC claims, the multi-dose version of hepatitis B still contains thimerosal (50% mercury). The immature central nervous systems and the liver of Amish newborns are spared this volatile toxin thanks to their parent’s religious beliefs. Amish children experience hardly any learning disabilities at all, in fact. Nor are the Amish experiencing typical US diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This could all be because they don’t eat GMO, take chemical pharmaceuticals, or vaccines. Surely, no government run regulatory agency will ever run this comparison of Amish health vs. non-Amish health, but the reality speaks for itself.
Still, the CDC refuses to regulate the vaccine industry and instead literally promotes toxic chemicals, dangerous heavy metal toxins, carcinogens and lethal “preservatives” like mercury. It’s all about lifestyle and natural health these days, if you really want immunity that doesn’t come with a boatload of permanent and debilitating “side effects,” like autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s syndrome or liver cancer.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Why the USA Government cannot Change the 2nd Amendment, (nor any of the first 10 Amendments)

Remind the anti-gunners that 'The Bill of Rights', as denoted by the first '10 Amendments' are unalienable rights, given to the citizens by God, and as such, cannot be changed or eliminated by any means. The Bill of Rights tells the government that it may never change these, which is what makes us a Republic and not a democracy.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Why Bomb Syria

Bombing the Syrian chemicals depot, what did it accomplish? 
1. That a coalition can be formed, 
2. that action is taken without delay, 
3. Sends a message to Russia and Iran to stay away.
4. Sends a message to North Korea that without an agreement, that they are next.

Any country that misuses it chemical weapons needs to remove them or we remove them one way or another.  This also applies to the insurgents, if they are making weapons, then bombing them is also appropriate.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Black Rifle Myths

Dispelling six of the more prominent myths surrounding the AR-15.

Myth #1: “AR” Stands for “Assault Rifle”–One of the biggest myths perpetuated by gun controllers is that the “AR” in AR-15 stands for “assault rifle.” In fact, it stands for “Armalite Rifle,” and that is because Armalite was the company that manufactured the rifle, following its design by Eugene Stoner in the 1950s.
Myth #2: AR-15s Are Not for Hunting–This is a popular line among proponents of “assault weapons” bans. As Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) said verbatim just days after the Parkland school shooting, “I have hunted all my life. I still hunt with my son. But an AR-15 is not for hunting, it’s for killing.” Nelson’s position is countered by the fact hunting with AR-15s has become so popular that Time magazine ran a column on AR-15 hunters. Moreover, ATF Associate Deputy Director Ronald Turk says AR-15s are so popular for hunting that the ATF should review older studies on the rifle and bring them up to speed.
Myth #3: AR-15s Are Not Good for Self-Defense–AR-15s are a great rifle for self-defense and home defense, and this is particularly so if they have collapsible or adjustable stocks, which make for a shorter throw as you swing the gun up on target while moving through your home. Simple optics with which the gun’s owner is familiar only increase the rifle’s usefulness for self-defense. On March 28, 2017, Breitbart News reported that an Oklahoma homeowner’s son used an AR-15 for self-defense, killing three home intruders. On November 5, 2017, Stephen Willeford grabbed his AR-15 and ran toward the Sutherland Springs, Texas, church shooter. Upon arriving he shot the shooter, forcing him to flee the scene. On February 27, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Dave Thomas witnessed his neighbor under knife attack, retrieved his AR-15 and ended the assault. Thomas said, “The AR-15 is my weapon of choice for home protection. It’s light, it’s maneuverable. If you train and know how to use it properly, it’s not dangerous. And this is just a perfect example of good guy with an AR-15 stopped a bad guy with a knife. And there were no lives taken, so all in all it was a good day.”
Myth #4: AR-15s Are “Weapons of War”–This myth, uttered again and again by Barack Obama, continues to be promulgated by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chris Murphy (D-CT), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Democrats at large. The claim is a not-so-subtle suggestion that AR-15s are truly battlefield weapons, but they are not. The battlefield weapon is an M16 and it is fully automatic. This means it will fire an entire magazine full of bullets with one pull of the trigger, if the person using the gun keeps the trigger depressed. But an AR-15 is a semiautomatic gun, which means it only fires one round per trigger pull, period.
Myth #5: AR-15s Are “Killing Machines”–This particular myth goes deeper that it may first appear. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is one of many Democrats who describe AR-15s as “killing machines.” Moreover, he claims the guns were “intentionally designed to kill as many people as efficiently as possible.” The image created by both claims is that the AR-15 some heretofore unknown rapidity of fire capability. But in reality, it is just a semi-automatic rifle that fires one round every time the trigger is pulled, just like a Glock, Heckler & Koch, Kimber, Sig Sauer, or Smith & Wesson pistol. Because of this, Murphy’s claims are a slippery slope which use a ban on AR-15s to open the door to a ban on all semi-automatic firearms; rifles and pistols alike.
Myth #6: AR-15s Are the “Weapon of Choice” for Mass Public Attackers–The “weapon of choice” claim is ubiquitous on the left. In the days after Parkland shooting it was made by Rolling StoneABC News, and Think Progress, and other publications. But one only has to glance at the weapons used in our nation’s most prominent mass public attacks to recognize this claim as a myth:
  1. Great Mills High School attack (March 20, 2018) – Handgun
  2. Parkland School attack (February 14, 2018) – AR-15
  3. Marshall County High School attack (January 23, 2018) – Shotgun
  4. Texas church attack (November 5, 2017) – AR-15
  5. Las Vegas attack (October 1, 2017) – AR-15
  6. the Alexandria attack (June 14, 2017) – Handgun
  7. Orlando attack (June 12, 2016) – AR-15, handgun
  8. the UCLA gunman (June 1, 2016) – Handgun
  9. the San Bernardino attack (December 2, 2015) – AR-15, handgun
  10. the Colorado Springs attack (October 31, 2015) – AR-15, handgun
  11. the Umpqua Community College attack (October 1, 2015) – Handgun
  12. Alison Parker’s attack (August 26, 2015) – Handgun
  13. the Lafayette movie theater attack (July 23, 2015) – Handgun
  14. the Chattanooga attack (July 16, 2015) – AK-47, shotgun, handgun
  15. the alleged Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal attack (Jun 17, 2015) – Handgun
  16. the Las Vegas cop killers (June 9, 2015) – Handgun
  17. the Santa Barbara attack (May 23, 2014) – Handgun
  18. the Fort Hood attack (April 2, 2014) – Handgun
  19. the Arapahoe High School attack (December 13, 2013) – Shotgun
  20. the D.C. Navy Yard attack (September 16, 2013) – Shotgun
  21. the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack (December 14, 2012) — AR-15
  22. the Aurora movie theater attack (July 20, 2012) – AR-15
  23. Gabby Giffords’ attack (January 8, 2011) – Handgun
  24. the Fort Hood attack (November 5, 2009) – Handgun
  25. the Virginia Tech attack (April 16, 2007) – Handgun
Handgun used 17 times, AR-15 used eight times, shotgun used four times, an AK-47 used once. There figures to do not really bolster the claim AR-15s are the “weapon of choice” for mass public attackers.
Additionally, if we consider homicides in general rather that mass attacks, FBI crime stats for 2016 show over four times as many people were stabbed to death than were shot and killed with rifles of any kind.  In other words, rifles not the weapon of choice for homicide in general.
AWR Hawkins

Some of the best responses to VP Joe Biden's comments about the Second Amendment

Some of the best responses to VP Joe Biden's comments about the Second Amendment, authors unknown:

The Second Amendment was written for the PEOPLE. Each area of our Constitution was written for the People. We are mentioned often in our Constitution. The very first words in our Constitution state," We The People" . That means each person and collectively all persons. The 1st Amendment guarantees, "right of the people" in regards to religion, speech and to peaceably assemble. The 2nd, guarantees the right of the people, to bear arms. the 4th Amendment guarantees, right of the people, to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. The 9th Amendment says, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be
construed to deny or disparage others retained by the PEOPLE. And last but not least, the Tenth Amendment, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively,
or TO THE PEOPLE. This one differentiates the powers of the states from those held by the people, us, individually and collectively. The PEOPLE have an individual and a collective right to bear arms.  I am sick of individuals and groups telling me I do not what they meant when they wrote it. OH and YOU IDIOTS DO? Were you there? What a paid off, groping poor excuse for a MAN you really are Biden.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Suing the Internet Censoring - About Time

Concord, NH

District of Merrimack NH Docket # 17-CV-733

Natasha DeLima ET Al

YouTube, Facebook Twitter, Google,, Patreon, and GoFundMe


The Plaintiff has to amend this complaint due to the retaliation, civil rights violations, censorship, and additional harassment abuses on the Plaintiffs.  The Plaintiff has also had to add Plaintiffs and to list additional massive liabilities incurred by the Defendant’s actions.

The Plaintiffs were suffering under the previous listed statutes and violations, but were impacted the recent false narrative and closure, lockout, shutdown and denial of use to their own virtual property.

President Trump had to respond to this recent surge of illicit activity, and the fact that these Defendants are in fact taking illicit hold of our virtual and intellectual property.

President Trump tweeting about intellectual property theft

The U.S. is acting swiftly on Intellectual Property theft. We cannot allow this to happen as it has for many years!

YouTube has been giving false “guidelines” strikes and actual censorship in order to delete the narrative of certain channels, and cannot.  The actions of YouTube are in fact the most illegal abuses to date, thus incurring massive additional liability.
Isaac Green, just 21, has a long career ahead of himself and many working years ahead.  He built up a channel with about 70,000 subscribers (that they showed) and they refused to monetize him.  In late February, they shut down his channel. The liability of YouTube since his working years are between 40-50, have incurred liability from the theft of his virtual property, and the interference with his right to his property and to build it on social media.

The fact that he had to “start over” from virtual theft of his property is magnified by the amount of time he has left to work.  When anyone has a break in their narrative, people drift, think they are gone, “have moved” “left” or stopped doing the work. This interruption has consequences and liabilities for the duration of Plaintiff Isaac’s entire life and his right to his own asset and virtual property.

Plaintiff Natasha has commenced her channel in 2012, and built up an audience, and YouTube hides both the virtual audience, and the millions of views, and has locked her out of her channel.  They have proceeded in 2017, to invent 2 false strikes, that had to be removed, and then in 2018, they commenced again, pulling her videos, her virtual property, and causing her to be locked out of her channel.  They in fact, shut her out for 2 weeks, and they cannot do this. They also deleted 8 additional videos, which does not count the large number they deleted last year. Since Plaintiff Ashley tries to communicate with the Plaintiff, share her content and send her links to news data, her ability to share videos is impacted since when they are deleted, they show up as deleted videos to her audience.

Plaintiff Natasha, with a built up 6 year audience has accrued a level of interest and following that has been severely hampered and derailed as a result of this illicit activity of YouTube.

All Plaintiffs and sources are effected and YouTube and Twitter are 100% liable for every single video, tweet, link, posting that has had to be posted on alternate websites due to censorship.  Each day that passes this liability grows larger, as the Plaintiffs audiences have to search for them in cyberspace.
The monies due for this massive breach of contract, violation of Constitutional rights, theft of their intellectual and virtual property has impact on the world and their viewers.  No one can take over access of your virtual property as stated in the case to date, with other federal rulings on prior acts that these websites have already been cited for.
If we take a single video that each Plaintiff makes, and multiply it over the course of the Plaintiffs working careers, that liability is endless, since the Plaintiff can even leave their virtual property to others in their wills, etc.  This has to be magnified by the amount of work these Plaintiffs due, and the amount of research that their sources like Ashley put into finding information.

The Plaintiff are left virtually “handicapped” from their main audience, and have to “wing it” while trying to find safer websites that operate within the rules of virtual and intellectual property.

In the meantime, YouTube is embezzling at a higher rate the videos that are up, which in Plaintiff Natasha’s website, are close to 6000 videos.  YouTube constantly embezzles from the older videos and when any Plaintiff does not post new content, YouTube CEASES to give monetization and accrued audience numbers on the prior videos, no matter what the number is.

There are MORE people in fact that are now searching for the Plaintiff’s in cyberspace and to the shock of the Plaintiff, people have “found her” on other platforms that are not shown as subscribers of her main YouTube channel, but state that they were, they are just not listed in the viewing audience that YouTube states are subscribed.  

Plaintiffs are selling merchandise to their audiences to support their channels and work, and Plaintiff are effected by loss of purchases, and contributions to their channels while their audiences cannot find them.   YouTube, and Twitter are 100% liable for every dime the Plaintiffs are losing as a result of those people that cannot buy or donate due to not having available new content for which the audience and viewers give in terms of channel support.  All losses and separations from their viewing audiences fall on the Defendants, who have inherited 1005 of that liability.

Twitter has locked the Plaintiff Natasha out of two accounts on Twitter, and now there is a large law suit filed against Twitter.

This recently filed lawsuit in California is a result of Twitter violating free speech, and censorship, which has reached an epic level of abuse in recent days.

The Plaintiffs content is illegally “shadowbanned” which is a virtual manipulation of their postings and content, and disconnecting it from the base of the website so that it looks as though it is there, but in reality, it does not reach a viewing audience.

Twitter hides postings and hashtag content in order to give a different virtual picture than what is really happening, and they cannot do this.

James O’Keefe


The Plaintiffs get compensation under Constitutional law & federal law violations, as well as harm to their audiences and virtual property.

It is under that liability that the Plaintiffs seek additional compensation to the original complaint for all massive theft of their virtual and intellectual property, the DAMAGE TO THEIR base following, the additional new subscribers and potential growth of their virtual property.  The original complaint only dealt with embezzlement of earnings, not complete theft of their virtual property

The Plaintiffs seek an additional $1 Billion dollars in damages and sanctions for YouTube and Twitter for the illicit shutdown of their virtual and intellectual property and additional sanctions for each day where they do not have access to this property.  Each site that continues to block, lockout, shadowban, give false community strikes, threats to shut down their channels, the YouTube shutdown of AntiSchool, and the 2 week suspension into the Plaintiff’s channel, at the cost of $300,000 per day per site.

Signed, The Plaintiffs, Natasha DeLima et al