Monday, November 27, 2017

Illegal Self-Deportation is the Best Answer

Self-deportation will be the main way of stopping illegals from coming into this country. This can be achieved by 1) mandatory use of E-Verify on existing and potential hires, if they do not meet the criteria, they are not hired or if existing, they are fired. 2) deny all public benefits to illegals, penalties to state and local authorities if they continue to do this (I'm in California and this Does happen) 3) No anchor babies, no USA citizenship to newborn unless at least one parent is already a USA citizen. 4) If an illegal shows up wanting service at an hospital, they get help but then are held for deportation. 5) Jail time for any USA citizen helping an illegal get services or assistance, including city mayors, police, etc. 6) Only english ballots for voting. 7) no USA entry unless you have a prepaid airline ticket out of the USA, price which is forfeited to the US government if you do not leave as planned. All other entries need to pay a bond which can also be forfeited. If no freebies or no work available, these are the two biggest mechanisms that stop illegals.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hillary Supporting Senator Franken, since he took 'responsibility'

This is the problem: 1) "Taking Responsibility" is suppose to mean you also get the corresponding punishment, Hillary's definition means don't worry about it. 2) Franken got caught with a photo of him doing the deed, so he had no option but say he's sorry (for being caught). 3) Trump and Roy Moore deny any allegations, not one women came forward with proof or lie detector results.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Eliminating North Korea

Step 1: destroy North Korea satellites in case they are secretly EMP/Warheads.
Step 2: we should already be tracking and following every NoKo submarine, each needs to be destroyed along with destroying submarines at dock, along with war ships. Mine the harbor entrances.
Step 3: Pull So Korean troops off of border, then destroy artillery along Korean border, neutron nuke to kill enemy troops directly or due to exposure. Send So. Korean troops northbound cleaning out enemy locations and attempt to reset to new border 100 miles further north while USA troops move forward to support current border.
Step 4: time to go downtown, remove capitol and Kim's other residences.

No balanced attack can work because of North Korea's military profile. Need simultaneous annihilation of North Korea to stop their response.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Freedom of the Press

If CNN wants freedom of the press, then they need to knowledge that Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge Report, Gateway Pundit also have freedom of the press. In addition, Twitter, Google, and Facebook also have to stop censoring them.

No attacks against political Candidates within 60 days of any election

If politicians keep making negative statement about Judge Moore. then you open future attacks against Republicans running for office. This is just another demon-crat dirty trick. Where are the accuser's lie detector results? No comments about candidates 60 days from an election