Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trump should get $5 billion back from the ObamaCare website developers

President Trump should have government get $5 billion back from the ObamaCare website developers, another cheat from the Obama / Hillary team.

Dead People Still Collecting $104.5 Billion per year Social Security Benefits: SocSec says they are too busy to worry about it.

How Obama / Hillary lost $836 billion over their term:

Quick! Tell me how many US Citizens are 112 years old or older!

Per the US Census, in 2015, there were 76,974 US Citizens 100 years old or older.
While certified details are nonexistent, most believe that it is just a handful of people over 112 years old, maybe a hundred in the USA.

Then Why Does the Social Security Administration pay monthly benefits to 6.5 million people that claim to be over 112 years old with an average of $1,341 paid per month per person for the Social Security benefit.

This equates to $16,092 per person per year, or $104.5 billion per year wasted on fraudulent payments.  

Time to notify recipients (or whoever is collecting the illegal payments for dead people) that they have 60 days to prove the they are still alive or benefits will be terminated.  Then the Admin to take legal action against the cheaters collect back improper payments.  If this does not happen, jail Social Security Commissionaire Ms. Colvin for incompetence.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Treatment of Women

Why is it when the media talks to Ivanka, they always ask how she feels about the way her father treats women??
But when the media talks to Chelsea they NEVER ask her how feels about the way her father treats women???

Saturday, July 9, 2016


One minute after giving birth, if you kill your baby then you are murderer; but if one minute before giving birth you kill you baby, it's okay.  End barbaric Late Term abortion.

Rules for the Police and Citizens to Follow

Policy to have 3rd party investigations of all police shootings, clarify police shooting rules, & public interaction rules.

Bottom Line:
Every interaction a police officer has with you, a civilian, he has already prepared to shoot you.  As a civilian, you must be friendly, meek, and as permission  to make any movement.

If in a car when you are stopped:

  1. Roll down the front and rear windows.  Most car windows have heavily tinted rear side windows to the police cannot see if someone is in the back.
  2. Unlock all of you vehicle doors
  3. Put car in Park
  4. Put your arm/hand out the window, and place the other on the steering wheel as they walk up to your door.
  5. Be Friendly, helpful, demur; not a time to argue, that's what court is for.
  6. When they ask for your drivers license, insurance, registration, 
    1. say I need to reach for my wallet or I need to get it out of the glove compartment - then wait for them to say okay.  
    2. Move slowly, deliberately.   
    3. Sometimes there is a second police officer on the other side of the car by the rear side window so that he can shoot you without hitting his partner.  Remember, this second officer cannot hear the conversation so may assume a problem when there is none.

Speaking less is better than speaking more.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trump Basics

Trump will: Reduce the debt by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse, and getting rid of excessive regulations. Increase defense by minimizing the number of troops stationed across the world. Use a flat tax, coupled with tiers. Increasing jobs by stopping unfair trade with specific countries. Ending the Dept of Education and shifting their $6 Billion to vouchers given to problem areas. Insuring the balance between news and opinions Insuring that Judges cannot be members of La Raza, the KKK, or other know problem groups. Bankrupt the companies that have cheated the USA, such as the one that charged $5 billion for the Obamacare website. Help citizens become entrepreneurs in the startup of new companies.