Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trump being attacked


TRUMP, the man who gave up the billionaire lifestyle to be humiliated, ridiculed, and slandered on a daily basis by the mainstream media to save the American people.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump Laws Changed as of 4-16-2017

Here is the list of Obama-era regulations that President Trump has managed to repeal using the CRA so far, as of 4/16/2017
  • Overzealous transparencyH.J. Res. 41 reversed a Securities and Exchange Commission rule that was crafted as an anti-corruption measure under the Dodd-Frank regulations but energy companies considered too onerous. Critics complained that the regulation gave foreign energy companies a pass while hurting domestic companies.
  • Coal miningH.J. Res. 38 ended the “Stream Protection Rule,” a Department of the Interior rule that hurt coal.
  • Gun controlH.J. Res. 40 reversed a rule by the Social Security Administration, which had yet to take effect, restricting gun purchases by the mentally ill through the use of additional firearms background checks.
  • Labor “blacklisting”H.J. Res 37 ended a “blacklisting” rule, under several agencies, that required federal contractors to disclose any violations of 14 other labor regulations within the previous three years.
  • Land useH. J. Res 44 ended a Department of the Interior rule, “Bureau of Land Management Planning 2.0,” that gave the federal government more, and state and local government less, authority in land use decisions.
  • Federal education standardsH. J. Res 57 and H.J. Res 58 reversed new federal standards for new teachers that the Department of Education had sought to impose under legislation signed by President Obama in 2015.
  • Drug testing for unemploymentH.J. Res. 42 overturned a Department of Labor regulation that had restricted the use of drug testing to determine workers’ eligibility to receive unemployment compensation.
  • Hunting predatorsH.J. Res. 69 reversed a Department of the Interior rule, pushed by animal rights activists, banning non-subsistence hunting of predator species for population control in wildlife refuges in Alaska.
  • Injury paperworkH. J. Res. 83 nullified a Department of Labor rule requiring more records of worker injuries.
  • Broadband privacyS. J. Res 34 repeals an FCC rule requiring Internet Service Providers to ask customers before sharing private information with advertisers — which Google and Facebook could still do under the rule.
  • Forced savingsH. J. Res. 67 reverses a Department of Labor rule allowing states to force workers to save.
  • Planned ParenthoodH. J. Res 43 repeals a mandate that all but required states to fund the abortion provider.