Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump's Vietnam Deferment Validated

Trump has a valid medical deferment.  

"On Sept. 17, 1968, he (Trump) reported for an armed forces physical examination and was medically disqualified, according to the ledger from his local Selective Service System draft
board in Jamaica, N.Y., now in the custody of the National Archives.....Trump's Birthdate —
June 14 — was assigned draft number 356 out of 366, almost last. Anyone with that number
was almost guaranteed to avoid being drafted, unless the entire country mobilized."

From the Washington Post dated 7-21-2015 by Craig Whitlock. 

Trumps correct, 'There is no drought' in northern California.

Trumps correct, 'There is no drought' in northern California.

Northern California reservoirs (Lake Shasta, Lake Oroville, Folsom Lake and Don Pedro reservoir), representing are now at full historical average capacity as of May, 2016.  Live data is available at

Vast amounts of walnut and other trees have died in California's northern central valley due to their water being shut down by the Sierra Club and other ignorant 'environmentalists' just to supposedly save a 3 three-inch junk Smelt fish.  These trees need to be regrown for at least 10 years before becoming productive again.

It is time to open water supply to the farms in the northern California and forget the smelt fish.  They are just a small non-important fish.  In Chicago, these fish are collected by nets and then thrown away. 

President Trump will allow the water to flow again.
  • Get the environmentalist under control by stopping the EPA from cooperating with them.
  • Take the smelt fish off any endangered list.