Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nuke North Korea Completely, remind Iran they are next

Hillary said "Not just hear the words people are saying but really hear what the implications are" so listen to what Little Kim Un is saying, he started this by stating he will direct a full scale attack on the USA and rushing to get weapon systems completed asap. 

Nuke this shit head off the face of the plant, do not do a 'measured' response. 
Knock their satellites out of the sky, follow their submarines and sink those at sea, lay down neutron bombs north of the dmz to kill the crews of NoKos artillery, move SoKo troops to the north 50 miles to form a new DMZ line, nuke both NoKos reactors and don't care if they leak radiation for hundreds of year, bomb military cities, destroy the 30 fighter jets that they have, destroy the power plant and corresponding switchgear. 

When complete, no nation building, just need to release prisoners in the work camps and supply rice to that they can move forward. South Korea can take care of Nokos citizens.

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