Thursday, March 8, 2018

Suing the Internet Censoring - About Time

Concord, NH

District of Merrimack NH Docket # 17-CV-733

Natasha DeLima ET Al

YouTube, Facebook Twitter, Google,, Patreon, and GoFundMe


The Plaintiff has to amend this complaint due to the retaliation, civil rights violations, censorship, and additional harassment abuses on the Plaintiffs.  The Plaintiff has also had to add Plaintiffs and to list additional massive liabilities incurred by the Defendant’s actions.

The Plaintiffs were suffering under the previous listed statutes and violations, but were impacted the recent false narrative and closure, lockout, shutdown and denial of use to their own virtual property.

President Trump had to respond to this recent surge of illicit activity, and the fact that these Defendants are in fact taking illicit hold of our virtual and intellectual property.

President Trump tweeting about intellectual property theft

The U.S. is acting swiftly on Intellectual Property theft. We cannot allow this to happen as it has for many years!

YouTube has been giving false “guidelines” strikes and actual censorship in order to delete the narrative of certain channels, and cannot.  The actions of YouTube are in fact the most illegal abuses to date, thus incurring massive additional liability.
Isaac Green, just 21, has a long career ahead of himself and many working years ahead.  He built up a channel with about 70,000 subscribers (that they showed) and they refused to monetize him.  In late February, they shut down his channel. The liability of YouTube since his working years are between 40-50, have incurred liability from the theft of his virtual property, and the interference with his right to his property and to build it on social media.

The fact that he had to “start over” from virtual theft of his property is magnified by the amount of time he has left to work.  When anyone has a break in their narrative, people drift, think they are gone, “have moved” “left” or stopped doing the work. This interruption has consequences and liabilities for the duration of Plaintiff Isaac’s entire life and his right to his own asset and virtual property.

Plaintiff Natasha has commenced her channel in 2012, and built up an audience, and YouTube hides both the virtual audience, and the millions of views, and has locked her out of her channel.  They have proceeded in 2017, to invent 2 false strikes, that had to be removed, and then in 2018, they commenced again, pulling her videos, her virtual property, and causing her to be locked out of her channel.  They in fact, shut her out for 2 weeks, and they cannot do this. They also deleted 8 additional videos, which does not count the large number they deleted last year. Since Plaintiff Ashley tries to communicate with the Plaintiff, share her content and send her links to news data, her ability to share videos is impacted since when they are deleted, they show up as deleted videos to her audience.

Plaintiff Natasha, with a built up 6 year audience has accrued a level of interest and following that has been severely hampered and derailed as a result of this illicit activity of YouTube.

All Plaintiffs and sources are effected and YouTube and Twitter are 100% liable for every single video, tweet, link, posting that has had to be posted on alternate websites due to censorship.  Each day that passes this liability grows larger, as the Plaintiffs audiences have to search for them in cyberspace.
The monies due for this massive breach of contract, violation of Constitutional rights, theft of their intellectual and virtual property has impact on the world and their viewers.  No one can take over access of your virtual property as stated in the case to date, with other federal rulings on prior acts that these websites have already been cited for.
If we take a single video that each Plaintiff makes, and multiply it over the course of the Plaintiffs working careers, that liability is endless, since the Plaintiff can even leave their virtual property to others in their wills, etc.  This has to be magnified by the amount of work these Plaintiffs due, and the amount of research that their sources like Ashley put into finding information.

The Plaintiff are left virtually “handicapped” from their main audience, and have to “wing it” while trying to find safer websites that operate within the rules of virtual and intellectual property.

In the meantime, YouTube is embezzling at a higher rate the videos that are up, which in Plaintiff Natasha’s website, are close to 6000 videos.  YouTube constantly embezzles from the older videos and when any Plaintiff does not post new content, YouTube CEASES to give monetization and accrued audience numbers on the prior videos, no matter what the number is.

There are MORE people in fact that are now searching for the Plaintiff’s in cyberspace and to the shock of the Plaintiff, people have “found her” on other platforms that are not shown as subscribers of her main YouTube channel, but state that they were, they are just not listed in the viewing audience that YouTube states are subscribed.  

Plaintiffs are selling merchandise to their audiences to support their channels and work, and Plaintiff are effected by loss of purchases, and contributions to their channels while their audiences cannot find them.   YouTube, and Twitter are 100% liable for every dime the Plaintiffs are losing as a result of those people that cannot buy or donate due to not having available new content for which the audience and viewers give in terms of channel support.  All losses and separations from their viewing audiences fall on the Defendants, who have inherited 1005 of that liability.

Twitter has locked the Plaintiff Natasha out of two accounts on Twitter, and now there is a large law suit filed against Twitter.

This recently filed lawsuit in California is a result of Twitter violating free speech, and censorship, which has reached an epic level of abuse in recent days.

The Plaintiffs content is illegally “shadowbanned” which is a virtual manipulation of their postings and content, and disconnecting it from the base of the website so that it looks as though it is there, but in reality, it does not reach a viewing audience.

Twitter hides postings and hashtag content in order to give a different virtual picture than what is really happening, and they cannot do this.

James O’Keefe


The Plaintiffs get compensation under Constitutional law & federal law violations, as well as harm to their audiences and virtual property.

It is under that liability that the Plaintiffs seek additional compensation to the original complaint for all massive theft of their virtual and intellectual property, the DAMAGE TO THEIR base following, the additional new subscribers and potential growth of their virtual property.  The original complaint only dealt with embezzlement of earnings, not complete theft of their virtual property

The Plaintiffs seek an additional $1 Billion dollars in damages and sanctions for YouTube and Twitter for the illicit shutdown of their virtual and intellectual property and additional sanctions for each day where they do not have access to this property.  Each site that continues to block, lockout, shadowban, give false community strikes, threats to shut down their channels, the YouTube shutdown of AntiSchool, and the 2 week suspension into the Plaintiff’s channel, at the cost of $300,000 per day per site.

Signed, The Plaintiffs, Natasha DeLima et al

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